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The Steam Achievements are a set of free-to-play achievements players can get when playing on the Steam game client. Unlike regular Achievement Diaries, these achievements are not tracked in-game and do not unlock additional rewards. Instead, the achievements are tracked externally on the player's associated Steam profile.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

For each of the achievements, click on the achievement name for the main article about the listed task.
Achievement Task Skills Needed Quests Needed Items Needed Notes
A New Hero (unlocked).jpg A New Hero Complete the Tutorial None None
Home Sweet Home (unlocked).jpg Home Sweet Home Use the Home Teleport Spell with any spellbook None None None
Ready Steady Cook (unlocked).jpg Ready Steady Cook Complete the Cook's Assistant quest None Cook's Assistant See quest
Breath of Fresh Air (unlocked).jpg Breath of Fresh Air Craft some Air Runes at the Air Altar None None Air tiara or talisman, rune or pure essence Note that Rune Mysteries is required to mine essence, but not required to craft runes.
Tis But a Scratch (unlocked).jpg Tis But a Scratch Visit Death's Domain None None None Note that Death's Domain may be visited from a handful of graveyards, without requiring the player to die.
Democracy in Action (unlocked).jpg Democracy in Action Vote in a Poll or view Poll results None None None Note that only members may vote in polls; free-to-play players can only view the results.
FashionScape (unlocked).jpg FashionScape Chat clothing with Thessalia in Varrock None None None Trading Thessalia completes this achievement, no chat necessary.
I Canoe Believe It! (unlocked).jpg I Canoe Believe It! Ride the canoe in Lumbridge Woodcutting 12 Woodcutting None A bronze axe or better
Rags to Riches (unlocked).jpg Rags to Riches Complete a Clue Scroll None (although clue scrolls may randomly feature skill challenges) None Beginner clue scroll (or higher(m)), likely a spade A beginner clue scroll may be obtained as a reward from the X Marks the Spot quest.
Now We're Getting Somewhere (unlocked).jpg Now We're Getting Somewhere Reach a total level of 100 Skills 100 Skills None None
Kill or Be Killed (unlocked).jpg Kill or Be Killed Enter the Wilderness None None None Warning: Other players may attack you in the Wilderness.
Out for the Count (unlocked).jpg Out for the Count Complete the Vampyre Slayer quest None Vampyre Slayer See quest Decent combat stats recommended.
Toll Dodger (unlocked).jpg Toll Dodger Pass through the Al-Kharid/Lumbridge gate without paying None Prince Ali Rescue See quest
Shopaholic (unlocked).jpg Shopaholic Visit the General Stores in Lumbridge, Falador, Varrock, Edgeville, Rimmington, Al-kharid and Karamja (Musa point) None None None View map of required general stores.

Note that the Steam Community achievements page might not show an up-to-date record of your progress, but you will still unlock the achievement when visiting the 7th store.

Get the boot (unlocked).jpg Get the boot Equip Fancy Boots or Fighting Boots from Stronghold of Security None None Fancy boots or Fighting boots Decent combat stats recommended. See Stronghold of Security for maps of the dungeons.
Demon-stration (unlocked).jpg Demon-stration Complete the Demon Slayer Quest None Demon Slayer See quest
Swashbuckler (unlocked).jpg Swashbuckler Equip a Mithril Scimitar Attack 20 Attack None Mithril scimitar Scimitars may be bought from Zeke in Al Kharid.
Unlimited Power (unlocked).jpg Unlimited Power Reach Combat level 20 Combat level 20 Combat level None None
Fisherman's Friend (unlocked).jpg Fisherman's Friend Catch a Tuna at Musa Point Fishing 35 Fishing None Harpoon and 30 coins to reach Musa Point
Mighty Slayer (unlocked).jpg Mighty Slayer Complete the Dragon Slayer quest See quest Dragon Slayer I See quest Mid-level combat stats and Quest points 32 Quest points required.