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The steel sword is a low-level weapon made of steel, stronger than the iron sword. It can be purchased from the Varrock Swordshop, or made at level 34 Smithing using 1 steel bar, granting 37.5 experience. It requires 5 Attack to wield.

Recommended attack style: Stab

Combat styles[edit | edit source]

Combat OptionsCombat StyleAttack typesStyleExperience
CombatStyles Stab Sword.pngStabStabAccurateAttack and Hitpoints
LungeStabAggressiveStrength and Hitpoints
SlashSlashAggressiveStrength and Hitpoints
BlockStabDefensiveDefence and Hitpoints

Creation[edit | edit source]

Smithing Smithing34 (b)37.5
Free-to-play icon.png
Ticks5 (3s)
ToolsHammer.pngFacilitiesAnvil icon.png Anvil
Steel bar.pngSteel bar1338
Total Cost338
Steel sword.pngSteel sword192

Item sources[edit | edit source]

For an exhaustive list of all known sources for this item, see here (include RDT).
Bronze key blackN/A Casket.png1Uncommon
Bronze key brownN/A Casket.png1Uncommon
Bronze key crimsonN/A Casket.png1Uncommon
Bronze key purpleN/A Casket.png1Uncommon
Bronze key redN/A Casket.png1Uncommon
Cyclops Level 8156; 76; 81 Multicombat.png12/100
Cyclops Level 5656; 76; 81 Multicombat.png12/100
Cyclops Level 7656; 76; 81 Multicombat.png12/100
Giant skeleton (Shadow Dungeon)80 Multicombat.png14/128
Ice giant Level 5353 Multicombat.png14/128
Paladin49; 62; 121 Multicombat.png12/128
Rusty swordN/A Casket.png16/96
Simple lockbox Multicombat.png1Unknown
Sir Carl62 Multicombat.png12/128
Sir Harry62 Multicombat.png12/128
Sir Jerro62 Multicombat.png12/128
Skeleton fremennik40; 50; 60 Multicombat.png14/128
Spiritual warrior115; 123; 125; 134 Multicombat.png17/127
White Knight36; 38; 39; 42 Multicombat.png12/128
White Knight36; 38; 39; 42 Multicombat.png12/128
White Knight36; 38; 39; 42 Multicombat.png11/128
White Knight36; 38; 39; 42 Multicombat.png11/128

Spawns[edit | edit source]

Location Members Spawns Map
Wilderness - north-east of the Chaos TempleMember icon.png1Maplink

Shop locations[edit | edit source]

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in stock
sold at
bought at
Warrior Guild Armoury1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US] of Warriors' Guild44m Coins 250.png 390Coins 100.png 195Member icon.png
Varrock SwordshopVarrock44m Coins 250.png 325Coins 100.png 195Free-to-play icon.png
Briget's WeaponsShayzien44m Coins 250.png 325Coins 100.png 195Member icon.png