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Steve is a warrior aspiring to become a Slayer master located by the steps in the upper level of the Skeletal Wyvern area in the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon. If players attempt to attack the skeletal wyverns in the upper area, he will stop them from doing so, claiming the upper area is only for those who have skeletal wyverns as a Slayer task. He wields a steel mace, an elemental shield, and a set of Bandos armour.

He is the father of Weve, younger brother of Hieve and Nieve's little cousin, who is the Slayer master next to the entrance of the Stronghold Slayer Cave. He believes that Slayer masters, and thus Nieve, have nothing special about them, because all they do is "tell people to kill stuff."

Through speaking to him, it is clear he is envious of his cousin, due to her having a large cavern where she can "boss people around" (referencing to what happens if players attack a monster within the cave that they're not assigned to kill). Because of this, he decided to carve some steps in the skeletal wyvern area in the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon and claimed the upper area as his own.

During the events Monkey Madness II, when the player recruits Nieve to defend the Tree Gnome Stronghold from Glough's attack, Steve leaves his post to temporarily replace Nieve as the slayer master. Following her death by Glough, he replaces her as a full-time slayer master, and has his steel mace replaced by a zamorakian hasta. His little sister, Pieve, watches over the extra skeletal wyverns. Talking to him about Nieve's death will result in somewhat humorous dialogue where he was hoping to have a shield like hers when he took the job.

Treasure Trails[edit | edit source]

Steve is the solution to the medium anagram clue: VESTE The answer to his challenge question: How many farming patches are there in Gnome stronghold? is 2.

Slayer points[edit | edit source]

Players can receive Slayer reward points for completing Slayer tasks—this is based on how many tasks players have accomplished in a row. Completion of a task assigned by Steve will grant you a varying amount of points, depending if players have completed the Western Provinces Diary, which is increased to match those of Duradel.

Task interval Points given Points given
Every task 12 15
Every 10th 60 75
Every 50th 180 225
Every 100th 300 375
Every 250th 420 525
Every 1,000th 600 750

Useful fairy ring codes[edit | edit source]

Tasks[edit | edit source]

Monster Amount Extended amt. Unlock requirement Alternative(s) Weight
Aberrant spectre 120-185 200-250 Slayer 60 , Combat 65 , completion of Priest in Peril Deviant spectres 6
Abyssal demon 120-185 200-250 Slayer 85 , Combat 85 , completion of Priest in Peril Abyssal sire, Greater abyssal demon 9
Adamant dragon 3-7 20-30 Completion of Dragon Slayer II None 2
Ankou 50-90 90-150 Combat 40 Dark Ankou 5
Aviansie 120-185 130-250 Unlocked the Watch the birdy ability via spending 80 Slayer reward points Kree'arra, Flight Kilisa, Flockleader Geerin, Wingman Skree, Reanimated aviansie 6
Basilisk 120-180 200-250 Slayer 40 , unlocked the Basilocked ability via spending 80 Slayer reward points Basilisk Knight 6
Black demons 120-185 200-250 Combat 80 Demonic gorillas, Balfrug Kreeyath, Porazdir, Skotizo 9
Black dragons 10-20 40-60 Combat 80 , partial completion of Dragon Slayer Baby black dragons, King Black Dragon, brutal black dragons (Slayer 77 ) 6
Bloodvelds 120-185 200-250 Slayer 50 , Combat 50 , completion of Priest in Peril Mutated Bloodveld 9
Blue dragons 120-185 N/A Combat 65 , partial completion of Dragon Slayer Baby blue dragons, brutal blue dragons, Vorkath 4
Boss[1] 3-35 (3-15 for Zulrah) N/A Unlocked the Like a boss ability via spending 200 Slayer reward points, as well as various requirements for specific bosses None 8
Brine rat 120-185 N/A Slayer 47 , Combat 45 , partial completion of Olaf's Quest None 3
Cave horror 120-180 200-250 Slayer 58 , Combat 85 , completion of Cabin Fever None 5
Cave kraken 100-120 150-200 Slayer 87 , Combat 80 , Magic 50 Kraken 6
Dagannoth 120-185 N/A Combat 75 , completion of Horror from the Deep Dagannoth spawn, Dagannoth fledgeling, Dagannoth Kings 8
Dark beasts 10-20 100-150 Slayer 90 , Combat 90 , partial completion of Mourning's End Part II None 5
Drakes 30-95 N/A Slayer 84 None 7
Dust devils 120-185 200-250 Slayer 65 , Combat 70 , partial completion of Desert Treasure None 6
Elves 60-90 N/A Combat 70 , partial completion of Regicide Elf warrior, mourner (Mourner Headquarters), Guard (Prifddinas), Reanimated elf 4
Fire giants 120-185 N/A Combat 65 None 9
Fossil Island Wyverns 20-60 55-75 Slayer 66 , Combat 60 , completion of Bone Voyage and Elemental Workshop I[2] Spitting, taloned and long-tailed wyvern (Slayer 66 ), Ancient Wyvern (Slayer 82 ) 5
Gargoyles 120-185 200-250 Slayer 75 , Combat 80 , completion of Priest in Peril Grotesque Guardians 6
Greater demons 120-185 150-200 Combat 75 K'ril Tsutsaroth, Tstanon Karlak, Skotizo 7
Hellhounds 120-185 N/A Combat 75 Cerberus, Skeleton Hellhound, Greater Skeleton Hellhound 8
Iron dragons 30-60 60-100 Combat 80 , partial completion of Dragon Slayer None 5
Kalphites 120-185 N/A Combat 15 Kalphite worker, Kalphite soldier, Kalphite guardian, Kalphite Queen 9
Kurask 120-185 N/A Slayer 70 , Combat 65 None 3
Lizardmen 90-120 N/A Unlocked the Reptile got ripped ability via spending 75 Slayer reward points, 5% Shayzien favour (unless killing them outside the Lizardman Canyon) Lizardman brute, Lizardman shaman[3] 8
Minions of Scabaras 30-60 130-170 Combat 85 , completion of Contact! Scarabs, scarab swarms, locust riders, scarab mages 4
Mithril dragons 4-9 20-40 Unlocked the I hope you mith me ability via spending 80 Slayer reward points, partial completion of Barbarian Training None 5
Mutated Zygomites 10-25 N/A Slayer 57 , Combat 60 , completion of Lost City Ancient Zygomite 2
Nechryael 110-170 200-250 Slayer 80 , Combat 85 Greater Nechryael 7
Red dragons 30-80 N/A Combat 68 , partial completion of Dragon Slayer, unlocked the Seeing red ability via spending 50 Slayer reward points Baby red dragons, brutal red dragons 5
Rune dragon 3-6 30-60 Completion of Dragon Slayer II None 2
Skeletal Wyverns 5-15 50-70 Slayer 72 , Combat 70 , completion of Elemental Workshop I None 5
Smoke devil 120-185 N/A Slayer 93 , Combat 85 Thermonuclear smoke devil 7
Spiritual creatures 120-185 180-250 Slayer 63 , Combat 60 , completion of Death Plateau, level 60 in Strength or Agility Spiritual ranger (Slayer 63 ), warrior (Slayer 68 ), mage (Slayer 83 ) 6
Steel dragons 30-60 40-60 Combat 85 , partial completion of Dragon Slayer None 5
Suqah 120-185 180-250 Combat 85 , partial completion of Lunar Diplomacy None 8
Trolls 120-185 N/A Combat 60 Mountain troll, ice troll, Troll general 6
Turoth 120-185 N/A Slayer 55 , Combat 60 None 3
TzHaar 110-180 N/A Unlocked the Hot stuff ability via spending 100 Slayer reward points TzTok-Jad[4], TzKal-Zuk[5] 10
Vampyre 110-170 200-250 Unlocked the Actual Vampyre Slayer ability via spending 80 Slayer reward points Feral Vampyre, Vampyre Juvinate, Vyrewatch, Vyrewatch Sentinel 6
Wyrms 80-145 N/A Slayer 62 None 7
Total task weight 262
  1. The odds of getting a specific task from the boss category is much smaller than getting a normal task, since there are two rolls for that task: one roll for the boss task, and one roll for the specific task within the boss category.
  2. Jagex. Mod Ash's Twitter account. 27 August 2020. (Archived from the original on 27 August 2020.) Mod Ash: "They do indeed require both of those. There isn't a limit on how many distinct requirements a task may have."
  3. 100% Shayzien favour is required to kill lizardman shamans.
  4. Players may be given a chance to slay TzTok-Jad, giving 25,000 bonus Slayer experience as well as any experience gained throughout the cave.
  5. Players may be given a chance to slay TzKal-Zuk, provided they have already killed it once before, giving 100,000 bonus Slayer experience as well as any experience gained throughout the Inferno.

Increased task numbers[edit | edit source]

Unlocking abilities to increase your task numbers for certain Slayer monsters can be done by spending Slayer reward points from any Slayer master.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
24 March 2016
(update | poll)
It is now possible to unlock the possibility of receiving a Lizardmen slayer task from Duradel, Nieve and Chaeldar. Unlocking this task costs 75 slayer points.

Trivia[edit | edit source]