Stone of Jas

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A plinth in the Daeyalt essence mine, which once held the mythical Stone of Jas.

The Stone of Jas is a legendary artefact created and left behind by the god Jas. As per Melzar, it was used by the gods to create all life and magic. It has however not been seen for centuries.

The Dragonkin operate as a defence mechanism for the stone, having been cursed by being bound to the stone by Jas. The curse causes an uncontrollable rage to build up inside them whenever the power of the stone is used. This rage can only be sated by a rampage against the perpetrators. When the human gods Zamorak and Saradomin used the stone it lead directly to the Dragonkin Conflicts.

Half of the Dragonkin emblem is the Stone of Jas, the other half being a compass rose.

The stone was also used to create the Rune essence mine. The stone was discovered by V-------. Upon discovery, it was immediately removed by higher powers, but the encounter gave V------- the knowledge required to create the Astral altar.

At one point in time, the stone was hidden in the Daeyalt essence mine under Darkmeyer and Meiyerditch. Its presence altered the nearby ore, creating daeyalt and daeyalt essence.