Stove (Blast Furnace)

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Not muchFair amountLots
Stove (Not much).png
Released23 August 2005 (Update)
ExamineThere's not much coke in the stove.
Advanced data
Object ID9085

The Stove is part of the Blast furnace minigame. The stove is used to heat the metal in the Melting Pot. Players can heat the stove by using a spade on the coke nearby to obtain a spadeful of coke, and then refuel the stove. Every spadeful grants 5 firemaking experience. It takes 30 spades of coke to completely fill up the stove. On official blast furnace worlds, dwarf Dumpy can fill the stove for hourly cost of 72,000 coins.

Firemaking info[edit | edit source]

Stove (Blast Furnace)
Level requiredFiremaking 30
Firemaking XP5 xp
Uses itemSpadeful of coke
Required toolNone