Strange Shell

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Strange shell
Strange shell.png
Released17 November 2016 (Update)
LocationFishing Hamlet
ExamineAmongst other things... I can hear the ocean within.
Advanced data
Object ID29722

A single Strange shell can be found in the Fishing Hamlet, the village east of Wintertodt camp. Players cannot interact with the shell but are able to examine it. While both the name of this object as well as its examine text suggest that it is a hollow spiral shell akin to a conch, the smelly journal found in the same hamlet tells of a 'snakestone' caught by a group of stranded Fremenniks, which slowly drove them mad. The term 'snakestone' was a colloquial name given to fossilised ammonites in medieval Europe, on account of their resemblance to a coiled-up snake. This would point to the strange shell being a petrified rather than a hollow shell, though it lacks the embellishment typically added to snakestones by carving the head of a snake into the last whorl of the ammonite. The strange shell may also be related to the snelm worn by Rakkar.