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Straven chathead.png

Straven Enroy is a professional thief and the leader of the Phoenix Gang. He is found in an underground basement in southern part of Varrock, in the Phoenix Gang lair. For players who are starting the quest Shield of Arrav, Straven assigns the player the task of killing Johnny the beard before he will let the player become a part of the Phoenix Gang. He also provides the Weapon store key to players who are members of his gang.

Straven claims to be the head of the "V.T.A.M." corporation to people who aren't a member of either gang. This is a cover for his gang, and the corporation likely doesn't exist.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This character may be a reference to the master criminal "Stragen" in David Eddings' The Elenian book series, a crime-lord that resides in a cellar.
  • Although Straven's in-game model has a moustache, his chathead does not.