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Strength potions can be made by members with 12 Herblore by mixing tarromin and limpwurt root in a vial of water, giving 50 experience.

A 4-dose strength potion can be purchased from the Apothecary in Varrock, in exchange for 5 coins, a limpwurt root and red spiders' eggs. Having the Apothecary make a strength potion is a requirement for the medium Varrock Diary. A 3-dose strength potion can also be purchased from the Warriors' Guild potion shop starting at 15 coins.

Each dose of a strength potion temporarily raises Strength by 10% + 3. Players who have completed the Herblore section of Barbarian training can add roe or caviar to a 2-dose strength potion to make a 2-dose strength mix, which heals 3 Hitpoints (6 if caviar is used) in addition to boosting Strength.

Strength boost by level[edit | edit source]

StrengthStrength icon.png Level Boost StrengthStrength icon.png Level Boost
1-9 +3 50-59 +8
10-19 +4 60-69 +9
20-29 +5 70-79 +10
30-39 +6 80-89 +11
40-49 +7 90-99 +12

Creating[edit | edit source]

Strength potion(3).png Strength potion(3)
Herblore-Coins 25.png GE Price
50 XP-154
Herblore Herblore level12
P2P icon.png Members onlyYes
pxTarromin potion (unf)1306306
pxLimpwurt root1838838
Total price1,144

Price per dose[edit | edit source]

Item Price per dose
Strength potion(1).png Strength potion(1) 57
Strength potion(2).png Strength potion(2) 54
Strength potion(3).png Strength potion(3) 51
Strength potion(4).png Strength potion(4) 61

Drop sources[edit | edit source]

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Store locations[edit | edit source]

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in stock
sold at
bought at
Apothecary ?VarrockCoins 5.png 5N/AF2P icon.png
Warrior Guild Potion ShopGround floor of the Warriors' Guild10Coins 5.png 15Coins 1.png 1P2P icon.png