Stun (status)

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A player being stunned by another player.

Being stunned is a temporary status effect rendering an affected entity unable to perform certain actions for a short period of time. Most types of stuns are indicated by yellow circling birds around the head of the entity.

Thieving[edit | edit source]

When a player unsuccessfully attempts to pickpocket a target, they are temporarily stunned, as well as take a specific amount of damage. The amount of time they are stunned for varies from target to target, ranging from four to six seconds. Wearing a dodgy necklace gives the player a 25% chance of not being stunned when failing to pickpocket most targets. This stacks multiplicatively with the Shadow Veil spell, where Shadow Veil will attempt to avoid the stun first for a total of 36.25% chance to not take damage from a failed pickpocket. Gloves of silence reduce the chance of failure by 5%. The Thieving cape provides an additional 10% chance of being successful.

A player will be unable to move and pickpocket while under the effects of this type of stun, although they can perform other actions as usual such as eating food and teleportation.

Monsters[edit | edit source]

Some monsters are capable of stunning the player:

Some monsters are capable of freezing or binding the player:

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Some weapons are capable of stunning.

Special attacks[edit | edit source]

Spears[edit | edit source]

The following weapons share the same special attack, Shove, which stuns a target for three seconds:

Targets affected by this type of stun will be completely unable to do anything while stunned. The special attack can only be used on targets that take up one square.

Abyssal tentacle[edit | edit source]

The abyssal tentacle has a special attack, Binding Tentacle, that binds a target in place for 5 seconds, regardless of whether it landed a successful hit.

Zamorak godsword[edit | edit source]

The Zamorak godsword has a special attack, Ice Cleave, that will cause a target unable to move for 20 seconds provided that it lands a successful hit.

Blackjacks[edit | edit source]

All blackjacks share the same passive effect that will occasionally stun a target in combat, causing the target to briefly stop attacking. Better material causes a longer stun, and the chance to stun is dependent on the amount of damage dealt.

Enchanted jade bolts[edit | edit source]

Enchanted jade bolts and their dragon version have a passive effect that will cause the target to be knocked to the ground. When used against players, the effect also rolls against the target's Agility level; as such, players with a high Agility level will be very resistant to this.

Spells[edit | edit source]

Referred to as freezes, binds, or roots these spells freeze the player in position, disallowing movement.

Barbarian Assault[edit | edit source]

In the Barbarian Assault minigame, players are able to fire blue eggs at Penance, stunning them temporarily. Penance cannot be attacked while stunned, including firing further eggs at them.

Hallowed Sepulchre[edit | edit source]

In the Hallowed Sepulchre minigame, players may encounter lightning strikes. If the player is hit by one, it will stun the player for 3 seconds.