Sulphurous fertiliser

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Sulphurous fertiliser
Sulphurous fertiliser.png
Released7 January 2016 (Update)
Quest itemNo
OptionsEmpty, Drop
ExamineUsed in the farming industry of Hosidius.
Value48 coins
High alch28 coins
Low alch19 coins
Weight3.05 kg
Advanced data
Item ID13419
Sulphurous fertiliser detail.png

Sulphurous fertiliser is made by combining saltpetre with regular compost. It can be donated to the Clerk in Hosidius for 0.1% favour per bucket.

Creation[edit | edit source]

Making sulphurous fertiliser requires at least 5% Hosidius favour, and grants 2 Farming experience per bucket.

Since both of the ingredients are tradeable and can be bought inexpensively on the Grand Exchange, this method of obtaining favour requires relatively low cost and effort.

Farming Farming12
Kourend Favour 5% Hosidius favour
Member icon.png
Ticks0 (0s)[r 1]
Total cost35
Sulphurous fertiliser.pngSulphurous fertiliser1N/A
  1. ^ Auto-creating is 1, then 3, then 4 ticks.

With an inventory of 14 buckets of compost and 14 saltpetre, using one with another will automatically start the process of combining them all into fertiliser - though the automatic combining slows to once every four game ticks. The process can be sped up considerably by manually using all of the compost and saltpetre with each other, which can be done once per tick - however this is dependent on click accuracy, and it can be quite difficult to distinguish the buckets of compost from the completed buckets of fertiliser.

In your bank, if you set your withdraw quantity to "X", and set "X" to a quantity of 4, you can with draw 4 saltpetre, followed by 4 compost. Repeat this 3 times and it will arrange the compost and saltpetre in your inventory for effective manual creation of the sulphurous fertiliser.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Sulphurous fertiliser can be handed in to the Clerk in the centre of the saltpetre mine, at a rate of 0.1% favour per bucket.

An easy way to calculate the correct amount of fertiliser needed is to take the amount of favour required and multiply this number by ten. From 5% favour, it takes 400 buckets of sulphurous fertilisers to reach 45%, 700 to reach 75%, or 950 to reach 100%. Players who have completed The Depths of Despair quest and used your favour certificate to reach 30% will need 700 buckets for 100%.

Sulphurous fertiliser cannot be withdrawn from the bank as a note. However, the Clerk can take the fertiliser straight from the bank, eliminating the need for multiple trips. Players can buy as many compost and saltpetre as necessary at the Grand Exchange, combine them into fertiliser, then teleport to Hosidius and speak to the Clerk to have the fertiliser taken and favour received all at once.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
10 January 2019

The examine text was slightly modified, the old examine text was "Used in the farming industry of Kourend."

19 April 2018

The favour bonus for completing the quest Client of Kourend was removed, the base favour gained from donating buckets was increased to 0.1% per bucket.

20 April 2017

The amount of favour could now be doubled after completion of the new quest Client of Kourend, this allowed for 0.1% favour to be gained for every bucket donated to Hosidius.

8 January 2016

Favour was increased from 0.1% every six buckets donated to Hosidius to 0.1% every two buckets.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Although in RuneScape sulphurous fertiliser can be created by adding saltpetre to compost, in real life saltpetre contains no sulphur, but is instead a mineral containing potassium nitrate (KNO3).