Superheat Item

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Superheat Item
Superheat Item.png
Released 24 May 2001 (Update)
Members No
Level Magic 43
Spellbook Standard
Type Utility
Experience 53
Runes 4Fire 1Nature
Casting speed 3 ticks
Description Smelt ore without a furnace
Superheat Item.gif
Sound Effect
Superheat Item icon (mobile).png

Superheat Item is a non-combat Magic spell that smelts ore into bars without a furnace.

It is cast on an ore in the inventory, requiring the Smithing level to smelt that ore into a bar. It cannot be cast on noted ore. This also requires the same amount of coal as standard smelting. Each cast yields 53 Magic experience along with Smithing experience from the bar that is smelted. The experience-boosting effect of the goldsmith gauntlets or Smithing cape is applied when casting Superheat Item.

Casting Superheat Item on iron ore with at least two coal always produces a steel bar, otherwise it produces an iron bar with a 100% chance of success. This is comparable to a ring of forging, used to increase the furnace smelting rate from 50% to 100%. Assuming a staff of fire is used, it is more profitable to use a ring of forging by 84.43 coins per bar.

Casting Superheat Item with Smithing Catalyst in your inventory will consume it. As well as provide the effects of it including halving coal consumption as well as doubling the xp gain for the ore it was used on.

Money making[edit | edit source]

The following money making guides are available for Superheat Item:

MethodHourly profitSkills
Mining coal and superheating Mithril bars53,944
Mining coal and superheating Adamantite bars56,520
  • Mining 30+ (41+ strongly recommended for Rune pickaxe, 60 recommended for access to the Mining Guild)
  • Smithing 70
  • Magic 43
  • Cost[edit | edit source]

    Spell cost
    1Nature rune.png 4Fire rune.png 108
    Combo runes
    1Nature rune.png 4Lava rune.png 132
    1Nature rune.png 4Smoke rune.png 244
    1Nature rune.png 4Steam rune.png 216
    1Nature rune.png Staff of fire.png Alt92
    0.93Nature rune.png 4Fire rune.png Bryophyta's staff.png 101
    Main and off-hands
    1Nature rune.png Tome of fire.png 92
    0.93Nature rune.png Bryophyta's staff.png Tome of fire.png 86

    Cost effectiveness[edit | edit source]

    Bar Materials Cost Experience Profit Profit/Exp
    Magic Smithing Magic Smithing Total
    1 Bronze bar.png Bronze Tin ore.png + Copper ore.png 182 53 6.2 −38 -0.72 -6.13 -0.64
    15 Iron bar.png Iron Iron ore.png 177 53 12.5 7 0.13 0.56 0.11
    20 Silver bar.png Silver Silver ore.png 129 53 13.7 −34 -0.64 -2.48 -0.51
    30 Steel bar.png Steel Iron ore.png + Coal.png × 2 675 53 17.5 −222 -4.19 -12.69 -3.15
    40 Gold bar.png Gold Gold ore.png 293 53 22.5 −190 -3.58 -8.44 -2.52
    40 Goldsmith gauntlets.png Gold (gauntlets) Gold ore.png 293 53 56.2 −190 -3.58 -3.38 -1.74
    45 Lovakite bar.png Lovakite Lovakite ore.png + Coal.png × 2 590[t 1] 53 20 −590 -11.13 -29.50 -8.08
    50 Mithril bar.png Mithril Mithril ore.png + Coal.png × 4 1,176 53 30 −403 -7.60 -13.43 -4.86
    70 Adamantite bar.png Adamantite Adamantite ore.png + Coal.png × 6 2,384 53 37.5 −578 -10.91 -15.41 -6.39
    85 Runite bar.png Runite Runite ore.png + Coal.png × 8 13,016 53 50 −553 -10.43 -11.06 -5.37
    1. ^ Assumes the cost of Lovakite ore and bars is zero.

    Uses[edit | edit source]

    Superheat Item can be used to extend Mining trips by mining coal and the ore. Bars also weigh less than ore. For this method, it is recommended to equip a staff of fire, with a pickaxe and nature runes. Ore can also be brought to the mine to superheat while mining only coal. Without a coal bag, Superheat Item can save time transporting coal from the coal trucks, which will also requires ores to use. Repeatedly withdraw coal and cast Superheat Item.

    It can also be useful when killing creatures that drop the ores and coal to save inventory space or earn Smithing and Magic experience while fighting.

    Changes[edit | edit source]

    Date Changes
    21 August 2014
    (update | poll)

    Superheat and enchant jewellery spells will now queue up one spell if you cast them too quickly.

    Trivia[edit | edit source]

    • Casting Superheat Item on a non-ore item, which fails, results in the chatbox message, You need to cast superheat item on ore. A spell splash animation will appear on the player.
    • Casting Superheat Item on an elemental ore, which fails, results in the chatbox message, Even this spell is not hot enough to heat this item.