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Bigger and Badder.png
A player fighting a Nechryarch within the Catacombs of Kourend.

Superior slayer monsters are more powerful versions of normal slayer monsters that have a 1/200[1] chance to spawn upon the death of one of its normal counterparts, provided the death of the normal monster occurs in a location that can fit the superior creature.[2] This latter condition is only relevant for superior creatures that are larger than their normal counterparts. They can be encountered after purchasing the unlock Bigger and Badder for 150 Slayer reward points from any Slayer master, and will only occur while on a Slayer task. This can be toggled on and off afterwards without loss of points.

When a superior slayer monster spawns, a message will appear in the chatbox, stating "A superior foe has appeared..." Killing a superior slayer monster will reward players with a generous amount of Slayer experience — for most, but not all of them, this is about ten times the Hitpoints of the superior monster. This experience will even be granted if the superior monster is slain after the completion of the corresponding Slayer task. Other players cannot slay a superior slayer monster that has been spawned for you.

Once a superior slayer monster has spawned it is only attackable by the spawning player. A superior monster will despawn in two minutes if the player stays in the vicinity and does not attack it, or less than 30 seconds if they leave the area.[3] Should the player die while fighting it or teleport away, the monster will despawn soon after.

In addition, once one has appeared, another one will not spawn for that player until it is killed or despawns. In single combat areas, a superior slayer monster can be attacked even if you are under attack by another monster; when this happens, the standard monster will stop attacking you. In multicombat areas, it is possible for multiple superior slayer monsters to appear simultaneously if multiple monsters are killed at the same time.

Drops[edit | edit source]

Superior slayer monsters kills give three rolls on their lesser counterpart's drop table. They are also guaranteed to drop an ensouled head (if applicable), dark totem pieces (when killing one within the Catacombs of Kourend) and crystal shards (when killing one within the Iorwerth Dungeon). Players are also ten times more likely to receive a clue scroll from killing one. In addition, superior slayer monsters have four unique drops shared among all superior slayer monsters:

Drop rate[edit | edit source]

The chance of rolling either of the two unique drop tables (UDT) is

The first UDT contains the imbued heart, dust battlestaff and mist battlstaff. The second UDT contains only the eternal gem.

If the players rolls the first unique drop table, there is then a 1/8 chance of receiving an imbued heart, and a 7/16 chance each of receiving one of the battlestaves.[4] If the player rolls the second unique drop table, there is a 1/8 chance of receiving an eternal gem, and a 7/8 chance of receiving nothing. [5]

Thus, the formula of receiving any unique drop is

The formula of receiving an imbued heart or eternal gem is

And the formula of receiving a dust or mist battlestaff is

Monsters[edit | edit source]

There are superior versions of the following monsters:

Normal variant Superior variant Image Combat
Hitpoints Unique
UDT Slayer XP
5 Crawling Hand Crushing hand
Crushing hand.png
45 55 No 1/171.2 550
10 Cave crawler Chasm Crawler
Chasm Crawler.png
68 64 No 1/166.2 600
15 Banshee Screaming banshee
Screaming banshee.png
70 60 No 1/160.8 610
15 Twisted Banshee Screaming twisted banshee
Screaming twisted banshee.png
144 220 No 1/160.8 2200
20 Rock slug Giant rockslug
Giant rockslug.png
86 77 No 1/155 770
25 Cockatrice Cockathrice
89 95 No 1/148.8 950
30 Pyrefiend Flaming pyrelord
Flaming pyrelord.png
97 126 No 1/142.2 1250
30 Pyrelord Infernal pyrelord
Infernal pyrelord.png
134 184 No 1/142.2 1840
40 Basilisk Monstrous basilisk
Monstrous basilisk.png
135 172 No 1/127.8 1700
45 Infernal Mage Malevolent Mage
Malevolent Mage.png
162 172 No 1/120 1750
50 Bloodveld Insatiable Bloodveld
Insatiable Bloodveld.png
202 380 No 1/111.8 2900
50 Mutated Bloodveld Insatiable mutated Bloodveld
Insatiable mutated Bloodveld.png
278 411 No 1/111.8 4100
52 Jelly Vitreous Jelly
Vitreous Jelly.png
206 190 No 1/108.4 1900
52 Warped Jelly Vitreous warped Jelly
Vitreous warped Jelly.png
241 220 No 1/108.4 2200
55 Turoth Spiked Turoth
Spiked Turoth.png
244 195 No 1/103.2 1998
58 Cave horror Cave abomination
Cave abomination.png
206 130 No 1/97.8 1300
60 Aberrant spectre Abhorrent spectre
Abhorrent spectre.png
253 275 No 1/94.2 2500
60 Deviant spectre Repugnant spectre
Repugnant spectre.png
335 390 No 1/94.2 4085
60 Basilisk Knight Basilisk Sentinel
Basilisk Sentinel.png
358 550 Yes 1/94.2 5590
62 Wyrm Shadow Wyrm
Shadow Wyrm.png
267 320 No 1/90.5 3120
65 Dust devil Choke devil
Choke devil.png
264 300 No 1/84.8 3000
70 Kurask King kurask
King kurask.png
295 420 No 1/75 2767
75 Gargoyle Marble gargoyle
Marble gargoyle.png
349 270 Yes 1/64.8 3044
80 Nechryael Nechryarch
300 320 Yes 1/54.2 3280
Greater Nechryael
84 Drake Guardian Drake
Guardian Drake.png
386 630 Yes 1/45.4 7245
85 Abyssal demon Greater abyssal demon
Greater abyssal demon.png
342 400 Yes 1/43.2 4200
90 Dark beast Night beast
Night beast.png
374 640 Yes 1/31.8 6462
93 Smoke devil Nuclear smoke devil
Nuclear smoke devil.png
280 240 No 1/24.7 2400
95 Hydra Colossal Hydra
Colossal Hydra.png
309 750 Yes 1/20 8625

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
23 July 2020

Superior variants of Drakes, Hydras, Turoths & Wyrms were added.

23 February 2017

All superior creatures except Marble Gargoyle were graphically updated to be more distinct from their normal counterparts.

References[edit | edit source]

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