Supply crate (Mahogany Homes)

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Supply crate
Supply crate (Mahogany Homes).png
Released26 August 2020 (Update)
Quest itemNo
OptionsOpen, Open-all
ExamineSome stuff you might find handy for Construction.
Value145 coins
AlchemyNot alchemisable
Weight5.15 kg
Advanced data
Item ID24884
Supply crate (Mahogany Homes) detail.png

A supply crate is a Mahogany Homes reward obtained from Amy's Rewards Shop for 25 Carpenter points. It contains various amounts of all kinds of materials used in training Construction. These crates are not intended to turn a profit, but are simply a way to help alleviate some of the costs of Construction.

Possible loot[edit | edit source]

Item Quantity Rarity Price High Alch
Oak plank.png: Supply crate (Mahogany Homes) drops Oak plank with rarity 1/6 in quantity 28-30 (noted)Oak plank28–30 (noted)1/612,264–13,1404,200–4,500
Teak plank.png: Supply crate (Mahogany Homes) drops Teak plank with rarity 1/6 in quantity 15-16 (noted)Teak plank15–16 (noted)1/612,420–13,2484,500–4,800
Mahogany plank.png: Supply crate (Mahogany Homes) drops Mahogany plank with rarity 1/10 in quantity 6-7 (noted)Mahogany plank6–7 (noted)1/1012,468–14,5465,400–6,300
Steel bar.png: Supply crate (Mahogany Homes) drops Steel bar with rarity 1/6 in quantity 23-24 (noted)Steel bar23–24 (noted)1/69,936–10,3681,380–1,440
Soft clay.png: Supply crate (Mahogany Homes) drops Soft clay with rarity 1/6 in quantity 45-48 (noted)Soft clay45–48 (noted)1/68,010–8,54445–48
Bolt of cloth.png: Supply crate (Mahogany Homes) drops Bolt of cloth with rarity 1/20 in quantity 9-15 (noted)Bolt of cloth9–15 (noted)1/208,748–14,5802,700–4,500
Limestone brick.png: Supply crate (Mahogany Homes) drops Limestone brick with rarity 1/10 in quantity 9 (noted)Limestone brick(noted)1/101,773108

Rewards value[edit | edit source]

A crate is worth, very roughly, 9,438.7, or 377.55 per point:

  • Beginner contracts are worth 755.1.
  • Novice contracts are worth 1,132.69.
  • Adept contracts are worth 1,510.19.
  • Expert contracts are worth 1,887.74.

Shop locations[edit | edit source]

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