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Survival token was removed after an update.
As the contents of this page no longer exist in Old School RuneScape, this article is preserved for historical purposes.
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Survival tokens are special currency that is obtained by selling various weapons, armour, food, and potions to a vending shrine during a game of Last Man Standing. The amount of tokens given is dependent on the item.

The tokens can then be used to purchase more valuable items from the vending shrine:

Item Cost
Monkfish.png Monkfish 2
Shark.png Shark 3
Prayer potion(1).png Prayer potion(1) 4
Super energy(1).png Super energy(1) 2
Adamant arrow pack.png Adamant arrow pack 8
Rune arrow pack.png Rune arrow pack 10
Catalytic rune pack.png Catalytic rune pack 10
Elemental rune pack.png Elemental rune pack 8
Ancient magicks tablet.png Ancient magicks tablet 10
Maple shortbow.png Maple shortbow 2
Magic shortbow.png Magic shortbow 15
Rune scimitar.png Rune scimitar 3
Toktz-xil-ak.png Toktz-xil-ak 10
Dragon scimitar.png Dragon scimitar 20
Dragon dagger.png Dragon dagger 12
Abyssal whip.png Abyssal whip 35
Rope.png Rope 2
Rune platebody.png Rune platebody 8
Rune platelegs.png Rune platelegs 8
3rd age robe top.png 3rd age robe top 8
3rd age robe.png 3rd age robe 8
Black d'hide body.png Black d'hide body 8
Black d'hide chaps.png Black d'hide chaps 8
Amulet of accuracy.png Amulet of accuracy 6
Mithril gloves.png Mithril gloves 5
Climbing boots.png Climbing boots 4
Mystic boots.png Mystic boots 4
Snakeskin boots.png Snakeskin boots 4

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