Swamp lizard (Hunter)

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Swamp lizard.png

The swamp lizard is a salamander that players can capture with the Hunter skill at level 29 or above, granting 152 Hunter experience.

Hunting spot locations[edit | edit source]

  • Just north-west of Slepe.
  • The Canifis Hunter area, just southeast of Canifis.
    • Note that ghasts may be able to attack the player depending on trapping location. The westernmost trapping location is almost completely safe from ghasts.

Hunting technique[edit | edit source]

A player alching between catches.

The hunting technique is the same as for other salamanders. Players must bring at least one rope and small fishing net for each net trap they plan to set up. Clicking on a young tree will set the trap. The net and rope are retrieved on catching a lizard or dropped onto the ground on failing to do so, so players can use the same rope and net repeatedly.

When using 3 traps at the same time, requiring a Hunter level of 40, one may expect an hourly experience rate of 40k with decent concentration. Depending on efficiency, the rate may rise up to 50k/h.

Players may find it useful to bring alchs or stackable fletching supplies to gain experience between catches.

Multiple traps[edit | edit source]

Net trapping can be done with multiple traps at once, with the maximum amount of traps depending on the player's Hunter level.

Hunter Traps
1 1
20 2
40 3
60 4
80 5

Loot[edit | edit source]

Item Quantity Rarity Price High Alch
Swamp lizard.png: Swamp lizard (Hunter) drops Swamp lizard with rarity Always in quantity 1Swamp lizard1Always10730

Uses[edit | edit source]

The swamp lizard is a two handed weapon. It requires a level of 30 Ranged, Magic and Attack to wield. To be operated, the swamp lizard requires its requisite fuel, guam tar.