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Tackle box detail.png

The tackle box is a possible catch from fishing at the reward pool with the reward permits gained from subduing Tempoross. The tackle box can be used to store various fishing equipment. No items can be used while stored, ex. players must still have a fishing rod and sandworms in their inventory to fish anglerfish even if they have a tackle box with the items stored in their inventory.

The Tackle box' interface.

Storable items[edit | edit source]

Angler hat.png Angler hat Angler top.png Angler top
Angler waders.png Angler waders Angler boots.png Angler boots
Spirit angler headband.png Spirit angler headband Spirit angler top.png Spirit angler top
Spirit angler waders.png Spirit angler waders Spirit angler boots.png Spirit angler boots
Spirit flakes.png Spirit flakes Fishbowl helmet.png Fishbowl helmet
Flippers.png Flippers Diving apparatus.png Diving apparatus
Dark flippers.png Dark flippers Tiny net.png Tiny net
Rada's blessing 1.png Rada's blessing 1 Rada's blessing 2.png Rada's blessing 2
Rada's blessing 3.png Rada's blessing 3 Rada's blessing 4.png Rada's blessing 4
Harpoon.png Harpoon Barb-tail harpoon.png Barb-tail harpoon
Dragon harpoon.png Dragon harpoon Infernal harpoon.png Infernal harpoon
Dragon harpoon (or).png Dragon harpoon (or) Infernal harpoon (or).png Infernal harpoon (or)
Crystal harpoon.png Crystal harpoon Merfolk trident.png Merfolk trident
Fishing rod.png Fishing rod Fly fishing rod.png Fly fishing rod
Oily fishing rod.png Oily fishing rod Barbarian rod.png Barbarian rod
Pearl fishing rod.png Pearl fishing rod Pearl fly fishing rod.png Pearl fly fishing rod
Oily pearl fishing rod.png Oily pearl fishing rod Pearl barbarian rod.png Pearl barbarian rod
Small fishing net.png Small fishing net Big fishing net.png Big fishing net
Drift net.png Drift net Lobster pot.png Lobster pot
Karambwan vessel.png Karambwan vessel Raw karambwanji.png Raw karambwanji
Fishing bait.png Fishing bait Feather.png Feathers
Dark fishing bait.png Dark fishing bait Sandworms.png Sandworms
Fish offcuts.png Fish offcuts Fish chunks.png Fish chunks
Fishing potion.png Fishing potion Molch pearl.png Molch pearls
Stripy feather.png Stripy feathers

Unstorable items[edit | edit source]

The following fishing-related items cannot be stored in the tackle box:

Caviar.png Caviar Roe.png Roe
Fish sack.png Fish sack Fish barrel.png Fish barrel
Tackle box.png Tackle box Fishing mix.png Fishing mix
Ice gloves.png Ice gloves Fishing cape.png Fishing cape

Item sources[edit | edit source]

For an exhaustive list of all known sources for this item, see here (include RDT).
Reward poolN/A Casket.png11/400

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
14 April 2021

The tackle box can now store the following items:

  • Dark flippers
  • Dragon harpoon (or)
  • Infernal harpoon (or)
  • Merfolk trident
  • Molch pearls
  • Pearl barbarian rod
  • Tiny net

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • When attempting to store the tackle box within itself, a message appears saying "The tackle box cannot hold itself! How weird would that be?".