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This article is about the talismans used for training Runecraft. For other uses, see Talisman (disambiguation).

A Talisman is an item used in the Runecraft skill. Each one is magically attuned to the Runecrafting altar that shares its name. An air talisman, for example, is attuned to the air altar. A player may use the talisman only on its corresponding 'mysterious ruin', to repeatedly reach the altar inside. Talismans can be acquired from drops or by trading with other players.

A talisman can be fused with a tiara. This creates an equipable item that lets you left-click on the corresponding ruins to enter, and saves an inventory space. All talismans except the elemental talisman can be bound in this way.

Talismans can be used to create combination runes and are consumed in the process.

Players using the Abyss to reach the altars do not require a talisman or tiara.

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