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This talk page is for discussing the 2014 Midsummer event page.

Dialogue from the 2014 Midsummer event.

Talk to Kaqemeex and choose option “Midsummer Event”

Player: What are you doing?

Kaqemeex: Ah, some help. Every year around this time of year, we druids perform a ritual to protect nature from evil corrupting spirits.

Kaqemeex: But this year, our ritual doesn’t seem to be working. Try as we might, the alter of Guthix isn’t responding to us.

Player: Is there anything I can do to help?

Kaqemeex: If you could join in with our chant, we might see some progress.

Kaqemeex: Gather around the altar and chant when you are ready.

Player chants at Guthix altar.

Kaqemeex: Wh…what, it didn’t work?

Kaqemeex: Let me study this, come back to me in a bit.

Player goes back to Kaqemeex.

Player: What should we do now?

Kaqemeex: I have a friend a very wise old Dwarf, who might know what is wrong. Unfortunately, I can’t leave the altar at such a critical time. May i ask you consult him on our behalf?

Player: Sure.

Kaqemeex: Excellent. His name is Thordur.

Player: How do i go about finding him?

Kaqemeex: Thordur likes to hide between the planes of acceptance. You will not find him using conventional adventuring. Thankfully, I can teleport you directly too him.

Kaqemeex: Ready?

Choose Option: Yes

Player: Yes.

Kaqemeex: Here we go.

Teleported to Thordur.

Talk to Thordur

Thordur: Welcome to Blackhole, human. Can I help you?

Thordur: Choose “Kaqemeex’s buisness”.

Player: Kaqemeex sent me. He and the druids are having trouble with their ritual. The altar isn’t responding to their chants.

Thordur: Sigh…

Player: What?

Thordur: Were any offerings made to the altar?

Player: Not that I’m aware of.

Thordur: This happens every year….

Thordur: ………hear that?

Player: I hear something, it sounds very faint.

Thordur: Those are voices; a spoken riddle. Solving the riddle will tell you what you need to offer to the altar in order for the ritual to work.

Thordur: Listen carefully…

You listen carefully and hear the following… Falsified the coward, yum!

Player: I shall let Kaqemeex know. Thank you, Thordur.

Thordur: Here, have this. It will get you out.

Thordur hands you a disk of returning.

Player: Thank you.

You teleport out and head back to Taverly and talk to Kaqemeex.

Player chooses “Midsummer Event”

Player: Thordur told me that we need to make an offering to the altar. We need to decypher the offer from this riddle.

Falsified the coward, Yum!

Kaqemeex: We forget about that every year.

Kaeqmeex: I hope you have your wits about you adventurer. These riddles are never easy and us druids are no good at them.

Kaqemeex: If you can solve them for us, we’ll reward you.

You solve the riddle, to find out that you need to obtain a cooked chicken.

Use the cooked chicken on the altar.

Talk to Kaqemeex.

Kaqemeex: I saw it work! Well done!

Player: Oh it was nothing really. Really easy, no problem at all.

Kaqemeex: Good, because this ritual will need to be repeated tomorrow.

Kaqemeex: If you manage to do this three times for us, we’ll give you a special reward.

Kaqemeex: In the mean time, have this.

Kaqemeex gives you a half full wing jug.

Kaqemeex: Just remember, it’s half full, not half empty!

2014 Midsummer event is completed.

Alceil (talk) 14:51, June 26, 2014 (UTC) Alceil

Is this event still live?[edit source]

If not what was the last day to complete it? (To archive the dates) TheDethklokGuy (talk) 11:56, August 22, 2014 (UTC)