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Release date[edit source]

Al-Kharid was announced with the 2001-01-21 news post along with Draynor Manor. However, it didn't actually come out on 2001-01-21. This is the timeline of events around that time, as best I can piece it together:

  • 2001-01-19: Al-Kharid and the inside of Draynor Manor is added in a silent update. Note that Draynor Manor was there since launch, it was just locked and unfinished. No news post is made about it. Refer to the ancient article from 2001-01-19.
  • 2001-01-21: Another update is then made adding Ernest the Chicken. I think this is a separate update because there was no mention of a new quest in the article. A news post is now made announcing both Al-Kharid and Ernest the Chicken in the same post, even though Al-Kharid was added two days before. Mentions the bank will be coming "hopefully tomorrow."
  • 2001-01-22/23: The game's first bank (Varrock west bank) is added in a silent update. No news post is made. Refer to the 2001-01-23 article in the link above. Could be either the 22nd or 23rd.
  • 2001-01-25: Another update fixing a bug. There's a news post this time, but he doesn't bother mentioning the bank.
  • 2001-01-27: Another news post. Now he mentions the bank.

I suppose Al-Kharid, Camels, Silk, probably some other stuff could be changed to 2001-01-19 and then just still link to the 2001-01-21 update? I'm not going to bother since that's kind of confusing, but I'm posting the above for future reference. -- Xell Khaar (talk) 09:52, 24 February 2020 (UTC)