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This talk page is for discussing the Ali's Discount Wares. page.

I'm getting way different rune stock than described in the article[edit source]

I am getting the following stock from the other runes option:

item price in gp number in stock price raises when stock decreases
Nature rune 225 100 no
Law rune 300 100 no
Chaos rune 112 100 no
Death rune 225 100 no
Mind rune 3 100 no
Body rune 3 100 no
Blood rune 500 100 untested
Cosmic rune 62 10 no
Soul rune 375 100 untested
Mind rune pack 412 5 no
Chaos rune pack 12437 5 no 00:23, July 22, 2016 (UTC)

Elemental runes stock:

item price number in stock price changes with stock
Fire rune 5 20 no
Water rune 5 20 no
Air rune 5 20 no
Earth rune 5 20 no
Fire rune pack 559 3 no
Water rune pack 559 3 no
Air rune pack 559 3 no
Earth rune pack 559 3 no 01:19, July 22, 2016 (UTC)

The IronMan Line Seems Completely Irrelevant to the Article[edit source]

"Many Ironmen will find themselves with an excessive amount of blood and soul runes which sell for 200 and 150 respectively (50% of the item value)."

As an Ironman uhh ... will I? I don't think I'd sell them here if I did still ... This seems to be in the category of "random, irrelevant, not needed" "advice". It's a very subjective line (and pointless), I think it should be removed. A lot of edits lately have just been cleaning the line up, but idk why it doesn't just get removed. It's also barely coherent at all, it doesn't even conclude to anything. It just makes a fact up, doesn't say where it came from, and doesn't guide the reader on what to do with the information.

If nobody has any opinions on this and nobody removes it, next time I'm going through law rune sources, I'll remove it.

This would be the header post-edit:

Ali's Discount Wares. is a shop owned by the swindler Ali Morrisane. It sells similar items as a general store, as well as desert survival gear. After completion of Rogue Trader, other items can be bought from the store. Worth noting that the rune shop prices do not fluctuate.

Discordian (talk) 19:49, 21 December 2019 (UTC)