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This talk page is for discussing the Altar page.

Split up & make table[edit source]

This page is currently a bit weird, the infobox is mainly about altars dedicated to Saradomin, but the page lists many altars that are dedicated to other gods. Besides this, the list is incomplete.

I think we could best make a sortable table with the following columns:

  • The kind of altar/link to page about that specific altar (Such as Chaos Altar).
  • A description of the location of the altar
  • The god(s) associated with the altar (this doesn't exist)
  • Extra (concise) comments such as special mechanics, a strange appearance or unlock requirements.
  • p2p/f2p star
  • A maplink

Now my question is mainly:

  • Should I make a template for this list or a raw wikitable?
  • Would it be possible to take sublists for altars dedicated to specific gods?
  • Should there be a separate page for all similar-looking-but-all-slightly-different altars to Saradomin
  • What should the infobox on this page be/should it be removed?
  • Does this sound like a good idea or am I missing something?

TheGuyWhoWantedToHaveAnIpAdressInHisUsernameWhichWasNotAllowed (talk) 13:36, 13 May 2021 (UTC)

Maybe we can also split up by region for some more structure, like Template:Shops TheGuyWhoWantedToHaveAnIpAdressInHisUsernameWhichWasNotAllowed (talk) 13:53, 13 May 2021 (UTC)
Joey had me do something similar with a sortable table for anvils. If you make the table and the admins are fine with the idea, I'll do the maplinks for you. Otherwise, you're at the mercy of our lord and savior Cook. How do you get the image signature (Helmfirth) (talk) 17:23, 13 May 2021 (UTC)
I made a stub here: User:ABetterUsername/altars. Not sure about the way I split it up, with the different Sara altars being one big bunch and stuff.ABetterUsername (talk) 19:11, 13 May 2021 (UTC)
Please feel free to contribute to my page ABetterUsername (talk) 22:55, 13 May 2021 (UTC)
I think this is looking awesome so far! The page is looking great; I would split up the table to have altars with additional functionality (e.g. deep wildy Chaos Altar, the Yanille Dungeon Chaos Altar, Jaldraocht altar, etc) just like how special anvils are split up on the Anvil page.
To answer the original list of questions one by one, with what my opinion about this is:
  • The first question has been answered by Helmfirth already. Related to templating though, I think it'd be useful to have a new group added to {{Prayer}} to list all of these altars. I can do that tomorrow or the day after, however.
  • Splitting up by god would create a lot of short lists, but the wikitable column you have right now looks good. It would also be possible to replace the text link with an icon, for prettifying the table a bit.
  • One page for all Saradomin altars, with a switch infobox for all versions, sounds like a decent solution. I assume it has a lot of versions though, so I'd use {{ObjectLocLine}} to document the locations of the altars, instead of having maps in the infobox.
  • If the altar objects each have their own infoboxes, then the overview page shouldn't have an infobox. In that case, it can just be removed.
  • Yes this sounds like an awesome idea :D
Joeytje50 talk Santa hat.png 00:23, 14 May 2021 (UTC)
Thank you for your responses! It seems my first and second question need some clarification:
  • My first question was more about making a template specifically for locations of altars. Such that adding a new altar is just {{NewTemplateLocLine|god=Saradomin|location=Zeah|x:0,y:0|mapID=0|plane=0|comment="A special altar"}} instead of how it is now. I don't recall Helmfirth having answered this quesion?
  • My second question was more like, if we have a big list from a template, could we then maybe somehow select all entries from that list with a specific value somewhere, e.g. being dedicated to Guthix or being f2p?
Thank you! ABetterUsername (talk) 01:35, 14 May 2021 (UTC)
Ah, then I misunderstood. I don't think having a line template for one page is necessarily a good idea. Even a page that has about 250 lines with an identical format doesn't use a line template, since line templates are harder to maintain. Line templates make it harder to change the format, which is useful for standardising a format across many pages on the wiki (such as dropsline, locline, storeline, and things like that). However, if there's just a single page that would use it, then using a line template actually has more downsides than upsides, I think. It is harder to change the layout if a change to the game and/or wiki structure demands changes to the page, and it's harder to edit the page using the visual editor.
I'm not entirely sure what you mean with your second question. Do you mean something similar to Bestiary, which automatically grabs information from individual monster pages and lists them in a dedicated table page? If so, then I think that would be technically possible, but it would be quite an undertaking to set up, and would probably require some new pieces of infrastructure. For now, I think it's just easier to keep the page manually updated, just like anvil. Not everything necessarily benefits from automatically generated content. If you want we can have a chat about that at some point, but I think that's a bit off-topic for this talk page. Feel free to leave me a message on my talk page if you want to go into more detail about this kind of stuff. Joeytje50 talk Santa hat.png 19:12, 14 May 2021 (UTC)