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Ranging in proselyte[edit source]

Article states: "A possible strategy for ironmen and those looking to conserve prayer potions is to wear proselyte armour while killing basilisk on slayer task. With a high range level and slayer helm (i) hits are still reasonably accurate while giving a massively increased prayer bonus compared to black d'hide or god d'hide. This is possible because, unusually for a platebody, the proselyte hauberk does not interfere with Ava's devices."

I dispute this. In my experience, the accuracy loss from swapping black d'hide to proselyte is enough to outweigh the increase in prayer bonus. Kills seem to take significantly longer in proselyte, decreasing kills per hour, without a substantial improvement in prayer potion doses used per kill. This is at 80 Ranged with a rune crossbow and slayer helm (i). In my opinion it's better to bite the bullet and max out your offensive range bonus, as you're going to use prayer potions anyway and you'll get much faster kills. There might be merit in swapping either body or chaps (but not both) for proselyte, but I imagine the effectiveness of that approach will vary widely among players' individual stats and gear. --Ioun (talk) 18:51, 30 October 2020 (UTC)