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This talk page is for discussing the Bird nest page.

Post-kebos misc nests[edit source]

If anyone wants to work on compiling new seed drop rates I opened 687 miscellania nests and recieved:

1 x Redwood seed

3 x Celastrus seed

4 x Dragonfruit seed

3 x Teak seed

2 x Mahogany seed

30 x Pineapple seed

17 x Yew seed

5 x Magic seed

51 x Orange seed

50 x Curry seed

19 x Papaya seed

14 x Palm seed

84 x Willow seed

145 x Acorn

18 x Calquat seed

45 x Maple seed

57 x Banana seed

130 x Apple seed

Varied seed loot tables[edit source]

How many different loot tables are there? Misc and Wyson definitely offer different loot tables (described on pages already) but what about the other sources? Largely curious about Bird Houses as they're a chief source that isn't very well described right now Eb Marah (talk) 23:51, 25 May 2019 (UTC)