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Scaling[edit source]

Someone on discord stated this, could be useful either on the strategy page or on the main page:

For pre olm, consider that each monster has certain base stats. These base stats are determined by the solo scale at max hp and combat levels. Each hp level down from 99 reduces the monsters' defence by about 1,3 for each missing level. Each combat level down from 126 reduces the monsters' hp by about 2 for each missing level.

For each maxed party member you add (126 cb + 99 hp), monsters add their base hp to itself (i.e., tekton has 300 hp in a solo, he would have 600 in a duo or 1200 in a quartet). They also gain about 2 defence for each additional party member and about 8% in its other base stats.

As a concrete example, solo tekton at max stats is 300 hp, 390 attack, 205 defence, 390 strength, 205 magic, 1 range. Duo tekton is 600 hp, 421 attack, 207 defence, 421 strength, 207 magic.

Solo small muttadile is 250 hp, 150 atk, 138 def, 150 str, 1 magic, 150 range Duo small muttadile is 500 hp, 162 atk, 139 def, 162 str, 1 magic, 162 ranged

Challenge mode is the same but just about everything is multiplied by 1,5. Olm is exempt from the hp/defence scaling his stats are entirely determined by party size Jeljo (talk) 10:00, 31 March 2020 (UTC)