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the section about clue rate from geodes needs to be updated after the release of combat diaries[edit source]

New mechanic described in the update post

"As part of the Combat Achievements update, one of the rewards unlocked is an increase to certain clue drop rates. Clues obtained from skilling were particularly tricky to apply this to.

Previously, there would be one roll per skilling action to determine if you would get any clue. If that roll was successful then a secondary roll was made to determine what clue you should receive. This was fine in itself, but if we wanted to only buff one specific tier of clue it would quickly become troublesome.

For example: if you rolled for a Medium Clue, but you already had one, then it would try and give you the next tier of clue. This meant that your chance of receiving, let's say, an Easy Clue, could vary from a 40% chance to a 100% chance depending on what clues you already owned, assuming you pass the initial skilling clue roll.

So attempting to increase the drop rate of Easy Clues would directly affect your chances of obtaining other tiers of clues, which was undesirable.

We've now reworked the system as two independent rolls, so in our example above, your Easy Clue will no longer have its drop rate affected by the other clues in your possession. Theoretically, this also means you can receive multiple different clues in one skilling action.

Because this inherently nerfs the potential best drop rate of Easy to Hard Clues, they have been made more common to compensate. They should now be closer to the 'best' drop rate pre-update."

H8 (talk) 11:05, 27 July 2021 (UTC)