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New Easy Clue rewards?[edit source]

Just received a Saradomin Page #2 as well as Purple Sweets from an Easy Clue Scroll. Not sure how to update the page, but wanted to share!! 06:20, April 15, 2018 (UTC)IronBeardsly

Those rewards are receivable from all levels of cluescrolls, thus aren't specifically listed. iN008talk 09:15, April 15, 2018 (UTC)

Rare rolls odds w/ ref. 2/20 for easy rares rest (18/20) for all level rewards[edit source]

Each clue rare item change is 1/20. Easy gets 2 rolls, med 3, hard 4. If doesn't hit rare gives for that roll reward from the all level reward table (non-rare table).

Hard clue has change of 1/5 to get rdt. Rdt has 1/67 for srdt. Srdt has 1/10 for third age table. 1/3500 for any 3rd age item.

In addition you are also randomly given either 0,1 or 2 extra items from the non-rare table. So easy can get 2 + 0-2 different items or duplicates. 2 easy rares max or 4 from all clue reward table.

I have no idea about how many rolls does elite and master get. Propably as much as hard or +1 for level increase. If master is 5 rolls and it's chance for srdt is the same as hard 1/67. 1/4 * 1/67 * 1/10 is 1/2680 to get any 3rd age item from master clue.


Rare rolls:

  • Easy: min 2 max 4.
  • Medium: 3-5.