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Uncommon Drops for level 90 Waterbirth Dagganoths[edit source]

In short, circular, flattened and stretched hides are not uncommon, if they are dropped by the level 90 variety at all.

After killing 164 (something like that) for a slayer task I didn't get a single one, but got plenty of laws, steel axes and other nik-naks listed as uncommon. My ensouled head ratio was mostly in line with the 1/40 chance listed, seeing as I got 5. Regular hides seem common (i got 14), I would consider mundane fremennik equipment, including gloves, capes, tops, swords, shields uncommon also.

I got a single berserker helm doing the task, which is listed as rare. If we're defining rare as roughly 1/128, like a rune scimitar from a fire giant, this is as expected.

If I get another dagganoth task in the future I'll give the level 88 ones a go, see if they're any different.

Headsprouter (talk) 09:53, March 28, 2016 (UTC)