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This talk page is for discussing the Duradel page.

Does Duradel even assign Elves? I've never heard of anyone receiving them. We Need to add approximate frequencies and get an accurate task list, this page is a mess currently. 17:38, January 21, 2014 (UTC)

Could someone add task rarities for slayer masters? For blocking some tasks[edit source]

So like how common is it to get banshees, blue dragons etc. And how common is to get these assigments from other slayer masters.

Is the weight table accurate and up to date?[edit source]

I know a few months ago, Duradel and Nieve/Steve got nerfed/buffed to make them more equal to one another - I constantly get abberant spectres as a super common slayer task although according to the wiki the weight is only 8. I am level 80 slayer now and I haven't even seen a gargoyles task yet from Duradel. But on here the gargoyles weight is bigger than abberant spectres. Is it up to date? Or do I have bad luck? Just asking. :) Thanks!