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This talk page is for discussing the Experience rate page.

Two suggestions[edit source]

1) As Old-Fool48 noted in the edit history page, this does feel like a stub. I think making a full page of XP rates for all skills on here would be massively useful for players to refer to. While reading the Pay-to-play Crafting training page, I noticed some extra information about XP rates that did not seem to belong there simply because they aren't optimal rates for the guides (that is supposed to suggest the best methods for training) but would fit nicely on this page.

2) Another alternative is to remove this page altogether, merge with Skill Training Guides, and add a new column that lists XP rates, 1 page per skill. For example:

skill guides
skill guides
Experience rates
Agility icon.png - Agility [[Agility Experience Rates|Agility]]
Construction icon.png - Construction [[Construction Experience Rates|Construction]]
Cooking icon.png Cooking Cooking [[Cooking Experience Rates|Cooking]]
Crafting icon.png Crafting Crafting [[Crafting Experience Rates|Crafting]]
Farming icon.png - Farming [[Farming Experience Rates|Farming]]
Firemaking icon.png Firemaking Firemaking [[Firemaking Experience Rates|Firemaking]]
Fishing icon.png Fishing Fishing [[Fishing Experience Rates|Fishing]]
Fletching icon.png - Fletching [[Fletching Experience Rates|Fletching]]
Herblore icon.png - Herblore [[Herblore Experience Rates|Herblore]]
Hitpoints icon.png Hitpoints Hitpoints [[Hitpoints Experience Rates|Hitpoints]]
Hunter icon.png - Hunter [[Hunter Experience Rates|Hunter]]
Magic icon.png Magic Magic [[Magic Experience Rates|Magic]]
Attack style icon.png Melee Melee [[Melee Experience Rates|Melee]]
Mining icon.png Mining Mining [[Mining Experience Rates|Mining]]
Prayer icon.png Prayer Prayer [[Prayer Experience Rates|Prayer]]
Ranged icon.png Ranged Ranged [[Ranged Experience Rates|Ranged]]
Runecraft icon.png Runecrafting Runecrafting [[Runecrafting Experience Rates|Runecrafting]]
Smithing icon.png Smithing Smithing [[Smithing Experience Rates|Smithing]]
Slayer icon.png - Slayer [[Slayer Experience Rates|Slayer]]
Thieving icon.png - Thieving [[Thieving Experience Rates|Thieving]]
Woodcutting icon.png Woodcutting Woodcutting [[Woodcutting Experience Rates|Woodcutting]]

3) If 1) or 2) is implemented, I think it's preferred to have a source somewhere such as...

  • a youtube video,
  • guide from reddit or another website,
  • screencaps from an osbuddy user or
  • mathematical calculations shown in a pop-up note/a mouseover/footnotes although I doubt the mouseover/popup note feature exists.

I realize these are big suggestions that'll add massive amounts of work... it could be worth it. It would be nice to have a single solid source of information that has all the exp rates for most of the possible the methods for every skill.

YTowers (talk) 03:14, March 28, 2016 (UTC)