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time to achieve based on ore - mithril/coal exp rates?[edit source]

EDIT - I needed to fix my math. Badly. Current time to achieve with iron ore is 12 hours. Adamantite ore is 40 hours.

Math- Adamantite Ore. Level 70-80. ~14-19k exp per hour. 17k for simplicity. 179 rocks per hour. 1/30 rate. 6 minerals per hour. Iron Ore. Level 60-80XX*. *Exp Caps at 70-80k. 75k for simplicity. 2142 rocks per hour. 1/100 rate. 21.42 minerals per hour.

I'm unsure of rates for coal and mithril for exp / ores per hour. Once I do I would feel more comfortable adding a "amount of time spent to acquire 240 minerals" section in full.

I can dig up some coal/mith rates but if anyone already has those, that could complete this. Cheers! :) Liosrakia (talk) 13:54, 17 May 2021 (UTC)