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This talk page is for discussing the Free-to-play PvP culture page.
  • I think that this should be added somewhere to this page*
  • taken from the April 2nd 2020 OSRS newspost, as far as I can tell this is still accurate*
  • Looked into this 'cause my old f2p pure can't log into f2p pvp worlds now = P*

From now on, the following rules will be in place for all brand-new F2P accounts:

Items dropped by a brand-new account cannot be picked up by other players, although brand-new players can still pick up items dropped by others. If a brand-new player is PK’d, the PKer will still receive most of their tradable items – the exception is noted items, which are capped at 20 notes per item. Brand-new players may receive items in a trade but cannot give items away. Brand-new players cannot log in to PvP worlds. Brand-new players cannot create ‘Sell’ offers for commonly botted items on the GE. Brand-new players cannot add items to the Party Chest. Brand-new players cannot stake in the Duel Arena.

These restrictions can be removed by logging over 20 hours of game time, earning 10 quest points, [*]and[*] reaching 100 total level. Alternatively, you can purchase membership to bypass these requirements.

^Kory Mac

Makes sense, as restrictions on clan chats and trading both affected the ultra low level scene. Added a new section (New accounts restrictions). PureF2P (talk) 07:15, 29 March 2021 (UTC)