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Release date[edit source]

Refer to the ancient article from 2001-03-17 confirming that gems were first obtainable from rocks on 2001-03-17, before jewelry. Now refer to another ancient article from 2001-03-21 in which it is reported that the change was unintentional and the game was then patched in a hidden update to remove that functionality. I think it's likely the gems that were already in player's inventories were not deleted, but even if they were that wouldn't change their initial release date. Jewelry then came out on 2001-05-08 and the ability to obtain them from rocks was presumably patched back in. What about cut ones? Little known fact: Crafting was actually in the game at launch, it just had no use. So were Chisels (See this page). You were even able to gain xp by doing the Sheep Shearer quest (refer to this page for confirmation Sheep Shearer gave Crafting xp as early as March 3). I don't know if spinning Balls of wool gave Crafting xp that early, but if it did, and if someone were to have trained their Crafting to level 20 by spinning Balls of wool before 2001-05-08, would they have been able to cut gems before jewelry was added? There's no way of knowing, and I'm not going to make that assumption, but just a thought. In summary, I'm going to conclude uncut gems came out 2001-03-17, and cut gems came out 2001-05-08. -- Xell Khaar (talk) 07:59, 23 February 2020 (UTC)