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Bossing with Group heal[edit source]

One player loses 75% hp and heals other members (no limit to how many are healed).

  • At 99hp healer loses 74 hp. Each member except the caster gains 37 hp. Party of 4 gains 4*37 = 148 hp. Expense 74 hp worth of food and spell cost.
  • Bigger the party more hp to the party is gained for each food. (food to hp ratio decreases)

Example king black dragon.with party of 5

  • With Group heal. 4 karambwans to gain 148 hp. (Healer 99 hp - 74 hp, needs 4food to get back to 99)
  • W/o Group heal. 8 karambwans to gain same hp restoration. (Healer 99 hp, others less than 63 hp)
  • Party of 5 with one healer. Party members steadily lose hp to low 30s. Healer eats up to 99. Casts heal group, loses 74 hp while others gain 37hp. W/o Group heal. Healer eats 4 food and rest of the party members eat 2 food = 4+(party_size-1)*2 = 12 if size 5.