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This talk page is for discussing the Kree'arra/Strategies page.

missing references[edit source]

"(for special attacking only to 50% health).
Ruby bolts (e) are used only for special attacks until half of the foe's overall health remains. Afterwards, switch to the primary bolt, Diamond bolts (e). Note: only use ruby bolts if you are under 90 Range. Otherwise, use diamond bolts for the entire kill."

Frisken (talk)seems to be referring to optional bolt switch but is unclear

new, easy, low click-intensive method?[edit source]

I just did my first few Arma trips, and I am getting 8-9 kills per trip without blood barrage, using just blowpipe with dragon darts (on task). I also brought my ACB with dragon diamond bolts (e) on my first trip, but it did not even come close to the dps I did with blowpipe. It is as simple as camping range protection and attacking Kree with your blowpipe, and everytime you need to heal or pot, you just click on him directly after consuming your food/pot. This way it will never melee you, and you can easily kill it with 2-3 food items and one or two doses of restore (probably less with better gear than mine). After just two trips I already managed to get 8 kills, and had to tele because I ran out of restores, rather than food. It seems to me that the best in slot for the ranged tank method is a blowpipe with dragon darts, and not the ACB. Can some more people test this? This is my (not yet properly balanced) setup:


In the runepouch I have law runes, mud runes and smoke runes to cast trollheim teleport and bones to peaches, the ACB in my inventory is for the grapple and serves as protection against Armadyl minions in the GWD dungeon. My slayer helmet and ring of suffering are both imbued. Germaan (talk)