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Even Kandarin Headgear 1 seems brighter than Sapphire Lantern, suggesting its brightness value would be 3 on the scale used in this article... Somehow I find it hard to believe something so easily acquirable, inextinguishable and wearable would also be the brightest level of light source in the game. Or maybe it is... I believe in RS3 the equivalent headgears brightness value scales with level of the diary, no? Jeree95 (talk) 14:19, May 20, 2016 (UTC)

Bullseye lantern[edit source]

I have never seen or heard of the bullseye lantern breaking, to my knowledge it is supposed to be unbreakable as a "worry free" light source. A Google search reveals no such possibility being mentioned anywhere. If someone has somehow had their bullseye lantern broken, feel free to correct, but I have edited the page in advance. I jumped the stepping stone to the Tears of Guthix cavern over and over, failing at least a couple dozen times, and my bullseye lantern did not break, though I've had a number of candle lanterns break here over the years. 07:34, June 6, 2017 (UTC)