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The Shaman Cave[edit source]

It would be cool if this article mentioned the cave and provided a loadout for usage in the cave. Since you can't use the cannon in there, you can swap it for more food. Using Ranged in the caves seems to be the best strategy, since you can hug the walls the entire time to prevent their jump attack. I prefer to lure them to the center of the subsection so that I can hit them from any wall. As for my inventory, 1 stamina potion to help me run all the way there, 1 ranging potion (or 2, I tend to forget to use it so 1 is fine for me), an antidote++, 8 prayer potions, rune pouch, and 10-12 sharks. If you're good, you can run with a lot less food as all of the damage can be prevented and very easily. I tend to have to tank hits in order to free up inventory space for loot. Each dose of antidote++ provides enough time immune to poison for you to go through 2 prayer potions, so 4 doses corresponds to 8 potions. If you manage to nail the micro, you can probably bring 2 antidote++s and 16 prayer potions and little to no food. As always, bring a 1-click teleport and xeric's talisman for a teleport to Xeric's Look-Out (which is the closest point to the caves.) 05:39, 25 May 2019 (UTC)

Adding to the above re: inventory: at 75 agility and weighing about 35 kg, I find it very necessary to bring at least 2 stamina potions. Otherwise I quickly run out of energy running from the purple spawn things. I also bring a 1-dose vial of stamina, antidote++, and bastion potions to sip outside the cave and free up inventory space for loot. 19:32, 19 August 2019 (UTC)