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This talk page is for discussing the Money making guide/Brewing greenman's ale page.

I dispute the profit/hour estimate on here because it doesn't account for the amount of time it takes to acquire the untradeable packets of "The Stuff."

A full game of Trouble Brewing takes 20 minutes, and a single packet of "The Stuff" costs 50 pieces of eight. At most, you'll probably be getting no more than 100 Pieces of Eight per game since the minigame is typically only populated with people who are trying to complete the Medium Morytania Diary and who likely don't even know how to brew the rum.

Therefore, it takes about 20 minutes of effort playing the minigame just to get the 2 packets of "The Stuff" needed for a single run of brewing Greensman Ale.

If we add these 20 minutes to the effort time of the activity then we are making roughly 239,700 gp for 25 minutes of work instead of 5 minutes, which brings our profit/hour rate down to 575,280 gp/hour. Not too bad, but a far cry from the absurd figure cited in this article.2600:8807:206:5D00:E453:9ABC:CFD6:A0DF 22:30, September 14, 2018 (UTC)Kontarek