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This talk page is for discussing the Money making guide/Killing rune dragons page.

Kills per hour[edit source]

35 kills per hour is definitely lower than what most people are getting.

All 1 hour tests (so low sample size, but should give an idea of what is possible):

  • With 95 Att / 97 Str, Justiciar, Dragon Hunter Lance, Torture, Ferocious Gloves, Insulated Boots, Fire cape
  • Avernic Defender + Bandos Godsword Specs: 54 KPH
  • Avernic Defender: 53 KPH
  • Dragon Defender: 50 KPH
  • Dragonfire shield: 46 KPH

I suggest we change it to dragonfire shield + dragon hunter lance, with around 95 melees. This is probably around 45 KPH. Most common setup I see, and many people afk this. Yes, defenders are higher GP/hr even with the cost of super antifires, but unless you have runelite set to notify you on "your super antifire is about to expire", most people would rather just use the DFS. 35 is the lower bound of using a zamorakian hasta, and ~57 or so is the upper bound of BiS with 99 melees. So 45 seems like a good in between. -- 17:10, 18 July 2019 (UTC)