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Increasing Efficency and lower restrictions using the Forex Enclave[edit source]

The Forex Enclave has a banker at the center where one may deposit their ores. Also the Enclave also has a Pool of Refreshment which completely restores HP, Prayer and, Run Energy. (It takes 50 Energy (@ no agility levels) to reach adamantine ore so one can run both to and fro since attacking and mining recovers energy)

Using the Pool, I was able to utilize this method at 60 combat level rather than the suggested 70. I don't even need to take food with me and only ever get to around 20/50 HP until my inventory was full. Also if you use your best pickaxe, your best single slot weapon and and an amulet of power, you will never lose anything too valuable other than your ore.

I hope the article gets updated soon!

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