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This talk page is for discussing the Numulite page.

Measured Numulite drops from Sulliuscep are inconsistent with the loot table[edit source]

I noticed that the drop tables for sulliusceps showed that numulite was an uncommon drop that only gave 1 item at a time. This didn't seem right so I did a little sample test, tracking 100 harvest drops.

14 of the 100 harvests were numulite, giving between 5 and 16 numulite per roll. I know this isn't a substantial enough amount of data to put on the page, but it definitely shows that a) numulite from sulliusceps drops in quantities more than 1, and b) the drop rate is probably greater than 1 in 10, making it a common drop and not uncommon as the current page says.

I'm thinking the current entry might have been a placeholder that accidentally got left in. Is there any chance we can get a new analysis of sulliusceps drop rates? 10:24, 29 January 2021 (UTC)