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ogre coffin loot[edit source]

Ive opened 10,000 ogre coffins via the key (week of July 21, 2019). I kept track of all loot totals, with the exception of coins. Coins only tracked to key 5,000, which was only 9,755gp. For the items that can yield more than 1, coins and nails, I did not track the amount gained from an individual key, only the loot after 10k.

Also, found the chest has a very rare chance to yield a Grimy Dwarf Weed (not listed).

Notable Drops:

(4,961) Zogre Bones; (1,129) Fayrg Bones; (731) Raurg Bones; (321) Ourg Bones

(103) Easy Clue; (3) Grimy Dwarf Weed; (110) Grimy Lantadyme

(423) Rusty Sword; (418) Damaged Armour; (181) Button

The rest:

(292) knife; (225) tinderbox; (1114) bronze nails; (1413) iron nails; (1191) steel nails; (1073) black nails; (293) bronze axe; (289) iron axe; (298) steel axe; (294) bronze pick; (277) iron pick; (281) steel pick; (286) bronze dagger; (298) iron dagger; (328) steel dagger; (270) leatherbody; (312) uncut opal; (301) uncut jade


PayMyDeedFWD (talk) 16:40, 6 August 2019 (UTC)