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Optimal leaving time for level 91+[edit source]

I am currently grinding out max thieving at Pyramid Plunder after doing blackjacking until 91. The default strategy seems to be "Run to the second best room, loot as much as possible and then leave just in time so you can loot the entire last room". The problem is that this is very qualitative. I am conducting experiments to get the optimal leaving time in room 7 so that we can quantify the strategy.

My approach is as follows:

  • I have a timer that coincides with the minigame timer
  • When i stop looting urns in room 7, i note the time
  • At the end of the run i note if i finished the last room or not.

This gives me the following table (actual example):

Stopped looting urns in 7th room (sec) Finished 8th room (1/0, boolean)
180 0
146 1
162 0
172 1
162 1
171 1
170 1
186 0
165 1
185 1
193 1
193 0

This allows me to compute the joint probability P(finished, t >= T) for all tuples in this table, where T is the time leaving the 7th room. We can then select the result that gives me the highest chance of completing the last room with the lowest T as to leave enough time for looting urns in the 7th room.

For the table example above we get > Highest probability (66.67%) of finishing the last room is by leaving at t = 02:26

but there is too little data to draw conclusions. I will upload my findings, including my data and my code, once i have more.

--Jsh9gzSILguPDzNj (talk) 18:07, 24 August 2019 (UTC)