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This talk page is for discussing the Pyrelord page.

"So this guy features a very similar but slightly upgraded loot table to its regular version. i did 163 kills and here is the drop table. Leaving the loot table up so that it will be easier to work with.

Thanks for editing <3

100% drop ashes

coins 10 (common)

coins 60 (common)

coins 200 (common)

coins 400 (uncommon)

coins 600 (uncommon)


gold ore- 2 (common)

jug of wine (uncommon)


Mithril full helm (uncommon)

staff of fire (uncommon)

steel boots (rare)

adamant full helm (rare)

mithril chainbody (rare)

mithril axe (uncommon)


fire rune 50 (common)

fire rune 60 (uncommon)

fire rune 100 (unknown)

Chaos rune 20 (uncommon)

death rune 5 (rare)


clue scroll medium (rare)

uncut sapphire, this most likely means it has access to the gem drop table"

Originally posted on the main page of the Pyrelord, instead of the talk page by User:Felixjarl, Left here for posterity's sake.

SoftRosie (talk) 15:28, 13 February 2020 (UTC)