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Medium clue[edit source]

1/924 per slot for ranger boots (other boots same). Medium clues have 3-5 slots on average 4 slots.

Odds for ranger boots in clue on average 1/924*4 = 1/231

Slots in clues. All have +0-2 extra slots which can roll on rare or non-rare table. Base amount of slots: easy 2, med, 3, hard 4, elite 4, master 4.

Extra: Ornament kits and ring of coins 16:01, May 25, 2018 (UTC)

The source on the current wiki is more current than Mod Ash's tweet and mentions the drop rate per roll becoming more rare. However, the current wiki shouldn't use the word "effective" and then list 3 different rates. The chance at 3, 4, or 5 rolls per medium clue is either equally distributed or falls under some other distribution, which jmods could clarify if asked. Effective would be a calculation based on that distribution. For example if it's an equal distribution, the expected return per medium clue ("effective drop rate") would be average of 3 (1/384, 1/284, 1/227) which is nearly 1/284.

2600:6C54:7900:D4D:C4CB:7EDF:DA96:9E9D 13:57, 9 August 2020 (UTC)T