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Stuff that needs adding[edit source]

Combat levels 59, 87, 81, 63, and 42 need to be added.

--EditorChiefConstable (talk) 21:50, 11 January 2019 (UTC)Also a massive range of drops need to be added including: fishing potion (1) x 1, steel studs 5-6, steel arrow x 9, unblessed symbol x 1, cannonball 1-6, coins 1-206, iron dart x 5, bronze nails x 17, steel mace x1, steel kiteshield x1, grimy marrentill x1, iron kiteshield x1, steel full helm x1, ring of duelling (3) x1, astral rune x2, grimy cadantine x1, grimy dwarf weed x1, iron axe x1, vial of water x1, combat potion (3) x1, mithril mace x1, water rune x4, iron ore x2, iron dagger x1, candle x1, cluescroll (easy), steel dagger x1, bullseye lantern (unf) x1, steel javelin p+ x2, bronze knife p x1, unstrung symbol x1, Iron warhammer x1, bronze plateskirt x1, champion's scroll (skeleton).

Level 40s in Abandoned Mine[edit source]

The level 40s in the Abandoned mine level 1 appear to share the same drop table as the 63, 72 and 77 drops listed here. One of the Swampletics videos has a mithril platelegs drop and I myself have gotten an Addy kiteshield and law rune - both off a level 40.  —The preceding unsigned comment was added by 2001:985:46d9:1:8a8:c2b6:8dbe:7150 (talk) on 19:08, February 23, 2020 (UTC).