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Damage Bonus[edit source]

How much bones does the helmet really give? When the slayer helm was first added back in rs2 it gave a 16.666% (1/6) damage bonus, contrary to the 15% advertised. Is this also true for the oldschool version? Furethermore, is it the same bonus for magic and ranged damage as well?

This can be hard to know, without Jmod confirmation. We'll have to collect a large data set of max hits. I have the forumla that calculates it, so from that I can derive the slayer masks's damage bonus.

If you'd like to submit max hits for data, please include your Strength bonus (from equipment), combat style (accurate/agressive/controlled/defensive), strength level upon hit (including strength boost from potions or the like), any prayers you may be using, and if you landed your max hit with a special attack, which weapon.

Do not contribute max hits against undead with the Salve Amulet (e), as it has a higher bonus, which doesn't stack.

Quest point cape.pngSk8r dan man Quest points 20:08, August 2, 2014 (UTC)