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Smite mechanics[edit source]

In regards to the "patch" for the ancient mace special attack, the update made it so that ancient maces and BGSs would no longer drain more prayer points than the player's remaining hitpoints ( I believe the current mechanics are:

- If the player's HP is higher than their prayer and both reach zero on the same tick, the player is considered smited and will lose their item.

- If the player's HP is lower than their prayer, they cannot be smited and will keep their item.

- If the player's HP reaches zero first but active prayers continue to drain points and the prayer level reaches zero during the death animation, they will remain active and the player will keep their item.

I am not 100% sure on this, but have extensive experience in PvP and believe it to be accurate.

Vio (talk) 09:25, 15 February 2020 (UTC)

There's no reason to guess the mechanics just on "feel" when tests can easily be done to discover the mechanics. I also have extensive pk experience, including macing. I can tell you ur second line is wrong, Hp must be lower than 125% of prayer (aka 99 prayer points can be smited if ur 89 hp for example) - this can easily be confirmed in a poh combat ring by sipping a divine potion to have 89/99 and letting a friend kill you with mace+ancient maces.

I also can confirm #1 is wrong and revolves around PID rather than remaining hp/pp. 2605:E000:1B04:52E8:509F:C109:2FB3:2571 09:21, 13 March 2020 (UTC)t