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melee probably isnt the best to use, limits where you can be.

every 4 attacks (including the special attacks) the attack switches between mage and range. every 6 attacks (including the special attacks) the protection prayer switches to the last used player attack.

it is capable of hitting through prayer, but with considerably reduced damage if the proper protection prayer is used. Lonewolf312 (talk) 20:15, 25 July 2019 (UTC)

Egniol Potions and Crystal Singing Recipes Link[edit source]

The link for egniol potions in the "starting room" section takes you to the same page as the Crystal Singing Recipes page except with the name changed to Egniol Potion. In other words, the link for the egniol potion literally takes you to the "egniol poitions" page but that page tells you that egniol potions are a bookstand and it is the exact same page as the Crystal Singing Recipes.

This is more of an Egnoil Potions page problem than it is a gauntlet page link problem, but this is where I noticed it. Not sure if the true page is stored somehwere on this site under the wrong name but I though I would bring it to attention.

EDIT: same problem for the page.

and i found it the real page for potions:

not sure if the previous two pages stating that an egniol potion is the boookstand in the starting room should exist but i will fix the link in the meantime.

EDIT 2: i see now that the egniol potions is literally what the book for recipes is called. i was confused as this is what also came up when searching for it in the aewrchbar whcih ultimately let me here to manually click on it and find out. might be beneficial to name the book webpages "egniil potions (recipe guide)"

ZimFlare (talk) 23:25, 24 July 2021 (UTC)