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Accurate guide, but i never had to use that 1000 coins in the quest, what is that supposed to be for? ~~ima ownagez~~

Hello there. It says in the article:
If you haven't completed the Tree Gnome Village quest, you need to go to the Tree Gnome Stronghold gate and talk to Femi. Tell her you need to get inside, and she will sneak you in. If you haven't helped her previously, she will charge you 1,000 coins. If you have she will help you for free.
So I assume that it's that. P.S: sign things on the wiki with four tildes (~~~~). Have a nice day! — Neitiznot (talk) • (editor contributions) 17:07, September 29, 2014 (UTC)

I've just completed this quest, but failed to safespot the demon using the rocks-spot. I clearly remember having used it before, last time on my second account, when oldschool was new. This time however, it simply did not work.

I tried to mage exactly where Glough was standing, the spot next to it and the spot next to that. Always I was killed by the demon. Eventually I decided to just gear up in melee armour, pray and run past him the the cave-exit safespot from which I managed to kill him without problems.

Still, I wonder if it was bad luck on my part or if that rocks-safespot simply does not work any more. Any other recent experiences? SD-214501 (talk) 20:58, March 5, 2016 (UTC)

Removed dialogue?[edit source]

There used to be pretty long dialogue in The Grand Tree with a glider pilot after you crashed near the Jogres, i think they removed it now and also RS3 has different transcript for that part, did anyone managed to write it down?

You used to get bashed by Jogres which often disrupted the dialogue, which maybe why they put it down. 09:32, 20 July 2019 (UTC)Winhert

reaching hazelmeres location[edit source]

I think khazard teleport tablet is a very cheap and easy to get item that teleports you to very close vicinity of target(khazard port) I think it would be nice if it was added adequetly into the guide, even to recommended items maybe Ashin Stone (talk) 06:06, 14 February 2021 (UTC)