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The Date of The Great Battle/The Outpost[edit source]

In-game sources are conflicting about the date of The Great Battle. The Outpost was supposedly founded in/around the year 29 (The History of the Outpost says that it was founded "Approximately 140 years" ago and the current year is 169). The Scroll (Making History) states that 'The Great Battle' occurred 68 years after its construction (without giving an exact date for the construction - it only says at the beginning of the 5th age, which might also mean that the year 29 is a bit of a stretch). This would place the Great Battle in the year 97. However, in the conversation the player has with Historian Minas after the Making History quest, the player says "there was a big battle in the year 98 of the fifth age." If this is correct, then the construction of the Outpost would be in the year 30 not 29. However, as far as I can tell, there's no way that the player character would know the date since the foundation date of the outpost isn't specified anywhere in the Lore. That said, I have still chosen to cite what the player says about the outpost as the justification for why the date is 30 instead of 29.

There is another issue. The large display case says that the battle took place 68 years after the start of the fifth age. This seems to just be wrong, likely based on the fact that the Scroll (Making History) says that the battle took place 68 years later. So I'm regarding this as an error and am including this in the trivia. This is not the only potential error that Jagex has made. Display case 46 in the Varrock Museum says that the king was crowned in the year 98. However, the scroll says that the king was crowned three years after the war. This would mean that the war took place in 95, not 98, and that the outpost was founded in 27, not 30. However, I've chosen to go by the what the player character tells the Historian and am considering the 98 date of the coronation in the painting to be a mistake.

If someone can come up with a timeline that is able to better accommodate all of this material, the the date should probably be changed to match this new timeline Omnes Ferant (talk) 06:11, 20 March 2021 (UTC)